Ultimate Airliners: The Super 80 - Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for the Super 80 is a major update to the original product. Hard-core users will discover greater accuracy in many areas. All users should notice performance impovements also.

Some of the core changes to the product include:

  • Many instrumentation enhancements and fixes.
  • New 2D side view graphics for the cockpit.
  • We have added a freighter version of the aircraft.
  • Performance increase in different areas.
  • Improved visual and flight models.
  • And so much more (see the detailed list below).

Installation Instructions:

Make sure Flight Simulator is not running. Start the Service Pack 1 installer file and make sure that it points to your correct Flight Simulator root folder. After installation, a program will silently run that will make the required changes to your Aircraft.cfg file. This will preserve your already installed additional aircraft. If you have any trouble with your Aircraft.cfg file, we have installed an extra "New_Aircraft.cfg" file to the "Aircraft\F1 Super 80" folder of Flight Simulator. You can rename this to Aircraft.cfg if needed.

It is highly recommended you reinstall the new Text-o-Matic that is included. You can do this through your "Start\Programs\Flight One Software\Ultimate Airliners - The Super 80" menu, or by visiting www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=texto to get the latest version.

A Special Thanks...

We would like to thank all the dedicated customers who have worked with us to make this product an extremely accurate recreation of the classic Super 80 aircraft.

Detailed List of Modifications
(Please note that there may be other modifications not listed below)

Panel and Instrumentation Modifications:

Alternative click area added to altimeter (baro) for use in VC
Altimeter baro set with scroll wheel fixed
CLMP mode on TAK OFF above 60kts fixed
ADI refresh rate increased. Option added to Options Window
Alternative font in Training Guide available. Option added to Options Window
Flap lever stuck in forward position fixed
AC recirc fan switch in VC fixed
ACARS override path extended to 256 characters
Forward view out windshield tilted down a bit
Voice/ID switch on Audio panel set to Voice in auto config
Pneumatic gauge ‘0’ indication when no window preload fixed
VS indication on PMS fixed
ONS east/west indication fixed
Unable to use PLAN page when PERF mode active fixed
PMS will select highest input altitude, if lower than calculated max, as TOD altitude
Initiating VS with pitch wheel starts VS at +/-100, not 1800
Throttle ‘hunting’ on cruise fixed
APU is automatically stopped when battery switch off
Super 80 internal timer not stopped on sim pause, fixed
Oil pressure too low on idle fixed
ALFA speed indication fixed
FMA reset button will also reset AP and ATS lights if on
ADI aircraft symbol and FD bars color adjusted
ADI crossbar FD option, aircraft symbol center point added
IAS hold transition to SPD/Mach hold on ALT CAP
Not capturing armed altitude when IAS hold active fixed
IAS hold code improved. No/minor altitude loss when accelerating, no/minor altitude gain when decelerating
Lower EPR at idle power
Mach readouts on FGCP have three digits
AP and FD will automatically disengage inflight, dual engine out
PMS cost index added, used to calculating optimum cruise speed
‘No Autoland’ and ‘ILS’ warnings on FMA only on when autoland/ILS in use
FD will indicate V2+10 in TAK OFF mode, based on bug set with speed cards
RA tape graphics updated
Heading gyro automatically corrected (landing left of runway issue)
Option added to allow one NAV unit ILS/Autoland in Options Window
APU RPM minor needle added
Overlapping landing baro (In Hg/MB) and cabin temp supply (F/C) fixed
Panel will display all weights in KG when metric units selected
Hotspot for CSD reconnect added (between CSD temp gauges)
TRI RAT readout fixed
ONS Track change feature fixed
2D side views added (see separate package)
HSI refresh rate increased (tied to ADI refresh rate)
FMA test on line 1 only, box 1 only on Captain’s FMA
IAS hold disengaged when SPD hold selected
CAP and TRK added to FMA NAV annunciation
Temporary power off when switching power source
Almost 10% reduction in main gauge file size
Off flag added to standby attitude
ONS TTG indication fixed
ONS and PMS data loss on power source change fixed.
Battery switch on in ‘Cold & Dark’ cockpit autoconfig fixed.
Graphical error fixed in the Dispatch Center.
Autoland test only displayed on the ground.
Was possible to set lower speed than alpha speed on ATS, fixed.
ONS TTG readout corrected.
ILS/Autoland feature fixed.
IAS hold feature updated.
NO FLR indication on FMA fixed.
Voice recorder indicator fixed.
Added click area to fine tune ZFW.
ONS distance displayed capped at 9999.9 NM.
ALT CAP and ALT HLD modes improved.
TRI temperature readout fixed.
VS display on DFGS corrected.
Better flameout protection when center tank runs empty.
Cabin pressure tooltip fixed.
ASI bugs manually adjustable. Click areas added around the gauge.
Better support for FSBuild exported flight plans.
Better buffer overrun protection in ONS.
Altitude alert fixed.
Added aural alert 750ft before selected altitude.
Wing fold for spoilers removed (the aircraft model has been modified).
FGCP goes blank during power up test (except NAV radio).
Clock indicates Zulu time.
Possible to set RA = 0ft.
DFGS not reset on power switch.
ONS move to next waypoint routine updated.
ILS only requires one NAV unit.
DFGS/FMA self test after landing (2 minutes after landing, AT/AP off, not TAK OFF mode, EPR < 1.1, IAS < 60, aircraft on the ground).
Drop down menu available in VC.
DH sound at DH+50ft.
More real APU simulation (8 sec to open door, 1 minute shutdown delay, RPM and EGT simulation improved) .
PMS not always shifting to CRZ mode fixed .
Altimeters display negative altitudes properly.
Speed bugs won’t reset when loading alternative view (VFR, Zoomed, Centered)(no preload).
RA DH can be set with +/-1ft accuracy.
Hydraulic auxiliary pump will power left system too when transfer pump is on.
ONS WPT page did not reset operation modus after WP add, fixed.
When resetting the barometric setting on the ground, the cabin climb indicator would indicate a climb/descend, fixed.
Added click area on take-off condition long trim readout to automatically set TO trim.
Adjusted pressure indicated by the pneumatic pressure indicator when activating/using different pneumatic systems (engine start, air conditioning, anti-ice).
FD will indicate ‘fly up’ at 60kts in TAK OFF mode.
Gear not turning light would come on in the air in some cases, fixed.
ADI F/S indicator indicates V2+10 in TAK OFF mode.
Option to show drop down menu (always, never, 2D panel only).
EPR indication down rated slightly to better fit new FDE.
EPR idle adjusted to 1.00-1.01.
ATS will engage SPD HLD after IAS HLD on ALT CAP (was ALT HLD).
Slats indicator reflects actual slat setting (was tied to flaps handle).
Electrical system would indicate 115V/400Hz even if engine not running, fixed.
Brake temperature heating/cooling time increased.
ALT SEL knob will toggle ALT SEL on/off (was ON only).
Heater current indicator indicates current on all vanes and static ports, except RAT probe which is inhibited on the ground.
TAK OFF mode not automatically turned off when other vertical or lateral mode selected.
Autoslat system will also reduce slat setting when the stalled condition is exited (In the sim the flaps will also be extended/retracted as flaps/slats are connected).
Autoslat self test implemented (on the ground a few seconds after moving flap lever out of 0/RET position).
New 2D side views added.
Electrical numbers adjusted to allow more time in preflight while under battery power.

Virtual Cockpit Modifications:

Gauge refresh rate increased.
Texture load time reduced.
Instrument lights not tied to landing lights.
RMI lighting fixed.
Taxi lights visible.
Flaps added to visuals from Virtual Cockpit to allow for wing views.

Aircraft Model Modifications:

Slat animation and position adjusted.
Wingfold removed from ground spoiler function.
Airstairs now operate with the wingfold command.
Forward and aft exit operate independently.
Cabin lighting added.
Nose gear strut lowered.
Mixer units added inside the exhaust section of each engine.
Twin Flight Spoilers have been split into individual panels.
Fuselage Belly Bulge added.
Some minor improvements here and there (ADF antennae etc.)

Flight Dynamics Modifications:

Engine power adjusted.
Fuel flow adjusted.
Flaps ‘ballooning” fixed.
Brakes effectiveness adjusted.
Pitch attitude on cruise and approach adjusted.
Differential braking enabled.

Sound Modifications:

Cockpit ambient sound volume adjusted.
Clicking sound on several sound files removed.

Manual Modifications:

User manual updated.
AOM updated.


Textomatic Templates for Freighter have been added.
Removed invalid characters from aircraft description that caused problems on certain Windows version.
New version of Text-o-Matic is included. Uses DXT3 checkbox - No need to select specific DXT3 configuration.